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Ramadan Word Wall

sample bulletin board

What is a word wall you ask?

A word wall is an area near your bulletin board with a list of words that you will help teach your class. There are different words for different themes to your bulletin boards.

How to use them?

Make them memorable: Children learn visually so make it appealing. Make the words colorful.

Make them useful and practical: While the word is posted near the bulletin board you can have your class start their day with writing a sentence using one of the words from your word wall each day.

Make them hands on and your way:  Usually children learn doing projects hands on. Make a game using the games. Write your words from your word wall on cards and have each child pick one from a box and use it in a sentence during circle time.

There are many ways you can use word wall words in your lessons. Use your imagination! It’s all up to you, have fun!

Sample image of one word wall word:

Wordwall hilal color

The words for this word wall are as follows:

  1. Ramadan
  2. Quraan
  3. Athan
  4. Hilaal
  5. Dates
  6. Du’a
  7. Masjid
  8. Iftaar
  9. Laylatul Qadr
  10. Itikaaf

Download Files:

July 12, 2013 at 5:25 pm 1 comment

New: Moon Wheels

Ramadan 1434

We are once again approaching the blessed month of Ramadan, insha Allah.

We have had many interests  in our fasting  cycle and our arabic weather wheel that  we thought to make a version of that for moon phases this year! Here is another way to learn the moon phases with the children, a moon wheel!

How it works:

You print, assemble and cut along the dotted lines only on the cover of the moon wheel leaving just a little attached in the middle so you can lift a flap on each number to reveal the moon phase and discuss it with your class.

This is better printed on card stock.

You can also print on regular copy paper and use a glue stick and attach to cardboard/poster board to make more sturdy.


moon sample

We can’t wait to see your bulletin boards this year!

July 8, 2013 at 9:54 pm 2 comments

Ramadan Bulletin Board – mini Bulletin Board Laylatul Qadr Display

Teach about Laylatul Qadr with this mini board display. Add it to your Ramadan bulletin board!

image image

image image


Also stop by Talibiddeen Jr. Homeschool Blog for a new  Laylatul Qadr PowerPoint!

August 6, 2010 at 9:24 pm 6 comments

Ramadan Bulletin Board Additions!

Na’am! Not only did we have Ramadan Borders to offer this year, but we also have a few additions insha Allah!

We want you to get the most out of your Ramadan, but we also want our children to as well.

Bulletin boards are an attractive way to teach our children as we already know.

This year we have upsized our Bulletin board additions!

First, we like to teach our kids about the phases of the moon. This is an important lesson as we have to sight the  moon in order to start and end Ramadan ,insha Allah.

How about a calendar to track the days of Ramadan and the phases of the moon?

 This is an interactive calendar that not only does that, but also has fun moon facts to help familiarize your child with moon knowledge,insha Allah. Have your child color the calendar in and have fun reading the facts and hadith!

There are a few different versions of this calendar

Arabic numbers:Ramdan Moon Calendararabic
English numbers:Large Ramadan Calendar
Arabic/English numbers:Ramdan Moon Calendar English/Arabic
Next is the fasting day cycle, another interactive addtions to your bulletin board. This is really a good aid for younger children who do not yet fast. This cycle takes us through some of the actions a fasting person performs throughout their day. Your student can change the cycle as each action has been performed, insha Allah.

This is the black and white version of the cycle. This is how it will look once it’s assembled.

Here are the two pieces separate so you can see how it all comes together:

The bottom half where the child will turn to see the different action performed throughout a fasting day,insha Allah

This is the top part with the window section that will display each action as the wheel is turned. To connect the pieces you will use a brass fastener.

While assembling you will have to match the pieces together and will also have to cut some excess off to have it really truly match. We took pictures to show you how it does in fact come together, so don’t get discouraged! *smile*

Here is the cycle after it has been colored in:

There are two different versions of this Fasting cycle

Click here to download the Black and white version: Fasting cycle b&w
Click here to download the Colored version: Fasting cycle color
Charts, Charts, Charts! We also have charts to add to your Ramadan bulletin boards this year. How much more fun can we make it?
Interactive charts!
Our first chart is the Good Deed Chart,which will track the good deeds your child does during the blessed month of Ramadan.
This chart is more for practice while our children are young. It is not a “show off” type thing, but more of an encouragement or teaching them while they are young to practice and perform as many good deeds as they can, insha Allah.

This is what the chart should look like once assembled,insha Allah.

There are a few different versions of this chart.

For one child click here to download: Single Child Good Deed Chart
For three children click here to download: good deeds 3 child 
for 6 children click here to download: Six Children
For 1 child black and white click here to download: 1 Child Black and white
The next chart is the Ibadah Tracker which will help your child increase their worship during the month of Ramadan and insha Allah keep up on it!

Here is the tracker assembled.

There are also a few different versions of this tracker

Ramadan Ibadah Tracker Older
Ramadan Ibadah Tracker Younger
Ramadan Ibadah Tracker Younger Black and white
Here are also a couple trackers that can be used outside of Ramadan, insha Allah.
Monthly Ibadah Tracker Single Child
Monthly Ibadah Tracker 3 Children
We hope you enjoy using the files and making your bulletin board this year. Please do share if you make one this year!

July 31, 2010 at 3:50 am 12 comments

Ramadan Bulletin Boards

Ramadan bulletin boards can help build excitement for Ramadan

and they can be used to teach as well as to track activities such as  fasting and ibaadah.

Here are some Ramadan Bulletin boards from around the internet:

Yemen Links Ramadan Bulletin Board

Pictures and details of a  Ramadan bulletin board featuring fasting,

prayer, Quraan, Duaas, Sadaqah (charity), and self improvement.


Ramadan Bulletin Bulletin Board at Umm Abdul Basir’s Blog

Good deed stars to track little ones good deeds through out the month.

The border that surrounds the bulletin board is available on the blog for your use.


Ramadan Bulletin Board at TJ Ramadan

Command to fast poster,Surah Al- Qadr poster and other available for download at TJ Ramadan.


DLTK – Multicultural Bulletin board display, Ramadan section

Not really beefy as boards go, but a few ideas and leads to Ramadan craft ideas.

Education World – Helping Hand Bulletin Board

(can be applied to Ramadan)


Got pics of your Ramadan board?

Leave your link in a comment so we can add it here, insha Allah.

October 20, 2009 at 8:22 am 1 comment

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