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Bulletin Boards: Keeping Them Alive I

Among us bulletin board makers, I’m sure many of us have made bulletin boards only to have them become nothing more than wall decoration (while still useful, they could be so much more).

So  how do we turn those already made boards into practical, useful ones, or how do we plan new boards for more interactivity and freshness? Here are some ideas from around the net.

Education World’s “From Pretty to Practical”

This article suggests that student created bulletin boards (or boards where student has input) are the most useful; “the key to making bulletin boards meaningful and manageable is using them as learning tools, not just in content, but in their creation as well.  If the bulletin board becomes part of the learning, it saves the teacher from having to create it, it ties into the learning, and it gives the students ownership of their space.”

Other highlights from the article:

It offers the following tips for making boards than more than a passing glance:

* Plan your bulletin boards in advance.
* Create displays and boards that can remain up for at least a month.
* Find reliable students to help make and set up the boards.
* Make sure the theme of the board is instantly clear to the students.
* Keep boards neat and organized.

“An excellent bulletin board is one that makes students think,” observes Kimberly Steele, an eighth-grade English and reading teacher. “That can be as simple as a thought of the day or as complex as an interactive lesson in bulletin board form.”

The article also mentions using reference material on boards that students can look at during class.

“Most important is to relate the bulletin board to information your students actually need to know, rather than something that looks cute,” advises Steele.

and if you are not extremely artistic (and I’m not), here’s some sage advice: “Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas. There are many ways to make a bulletin board unique and creative. I am not artistic, so I try to find unique things such as movie tickets or post cards to make my bulletin boards stand out.”

To read this article, visit Education World.

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