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IBB’s Hajj Board


We at IBB offered the files for our Hajj Bulletin Boards during Dhul Hijjah so you all could get a jump on making your Bulletin boards and use as visual aids in teaching your children about Hajj.

With the busy schedules we have at IBB we didn’t post a demo board for you to see how it all looked with the files put together on the board.

It’s here now! Masha Allah. You all did a wonderful job without our board, but we just love to share ideas as you do.

Close up of the boarder on yellow paper, turned out pretty! masha Allah.

The idea with this board was to use a yellow border and a black background to almost mimick or someone look like the kaba. This board is a bit more of a mini bulletin board. The smaller scale of it is a bit easier for storage and use again for the next year, insha Allah.

The word “Hajj” in Arabic

An Ayat from the Quran about Hajj.

We added little foot prints in between the days to  show circumbulation of the kaba.

The interactive “Hajj” Map.  Funny thing with this map. We are always looking for creative ways to do things and useful and recyclable ways to use materials we have. We wanted a more ancient look to the map and the brown construction paper we had was just not “ancienty” looking (is that a word?)  We ended up using a brown paper bag! I cut the paper bag to size and put it in my printer! after printing, we colored it in, then crumbled it up a bit to give it that older look we were looking for. We added clear packing tape to the sections where we had to add the”interactive” pieces. We added velcro onto the areas where the pieces would go. I then had the children add the pieces where they thought they belonged. What I love about this so much is that it’s reusable!

Please, Keep sharing your Islamic Bulletin Boards!


January 16, 2010 at 3:32 am 5 comments

Hajj Word Wall

To add to your hajj learning experience, teach Hajj terminology by making  a hajj word wall.

Download these word wall cards to display on your bulletin board.


Set of 15 cards

November 19, 2009 at 12:08 pm 2 comments

Hajj Bulletin board

We have put together a few files for a Hajj bulletin board at the last minute. We apologize for not posting them sooner, but with our demanding schedules we were not able to expedite sooner.

We will post pictures as soon as we are able insha Allah. In the meantime, Enjoy the files and throw your bulletin boards together for your children to learn all about Hajj insha Allah.

The first of our files is the border/trimmer to go around your bulletin board. There are two different ones for you to use. Alternate between the two or use one to surround your visual teaching aid. It’s all your choice!

Pdf file for this border: hajjborder2

Below is the second border/trimmer:

Pdf file: Hajjborder3

The next are additions to the bulletin board. The content to help aid your children in learning all about Hajj insha Allah.

The Hajj day by day is just that, it steps you through the acts a Pilgrim performs during Hajj.

Pdf file for additions: hajjdaybydaybb

The center piece of the board A map!

Pdf file for map: Hajj Map for kids

Next file is the Hajj Quotes, we left in in a word Document file in case you would like to add and or change anything about the look to suit your bulletin board.

File for Hajj Quotes: hajj-quotes[1]

Have you put a Hajj Bulletin Board together? Please share with us here at Islamic Bulletin Boards so we can post your link.


The sister over at IslomiyOila Blog has done a really nice job at making her Hajj Bulletin board this year. Not only did she do one but she made two! Masha Allah. Her children’s grandparents are making Hajj this year insha Allah which really helps her children’s interest in Hajj. May Allah make it easy for all the Pilgrims making Hajj, Ameen. Go over and make a visit to her blog, she has done some other Hajj activities and has some files to offer. Alhamduliah! Jazakallahu Khair Dear sis for sharing!! *smile*

November 18, 2009 at 2:18 am 11 comments

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