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IBB’s Allah Created Insects Bulletin Board

Spring has come and with spring comes many new little creatures to explore in and out of our classrooms.

Teaching and reinforcing that all creatures on earth have been created from Allah is extremely important.

Here we have a basic bulletin board that displays many insects that Allah has created. What a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

In this board you can see we made a tree,fence,grass,and a sign to add for our insects!

Paper Bags were used for the tree trunk & branches
Construction paper for the leaves of the tree
construction paper for the grass
cardboard covered with construction paper to make the sign

We usually try to make our bulletin boards from everyday materials we have in our classroom/homes

The border we printed on white paper

The top of the tree with the bee hive

The butterflies inside their chrysalis on top of the tree

The paper bag tree trunk with a walking stick and spider with web on it.

The “Welcome to the Butterfly Gardern” sign


The fireflies

The mosquito

Ladybugs on the white picket fence

The ants made out of paper eggs carton

The dragonflies made from popsicle sticks

The Praying Mantis watching over the garden.

This is a great way to introduce Allah’s creation to your class. Most children love to learn about insects and explore what they do.

Each insect craft you do is a lesson you can teach about what they do and how Allah created them.

Please share your “Allah created Insects” bulletin board today!

For closer more detailed pictures of the insects themselves please visit Umm Abdul Basir\’s Blog

June 10, 2010 at 7:26 pm 3 comments

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